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     Alkano Chemicals is your leading provider for import and export services. We assure you that your shipment makes it to you safely and in no time. Assistance for sourcing and providing raw ingredients is also possible. We hope to provide you with shipping solutions that best suit your needs and budget. 

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The Alkano Chemicals purchasing team is in charge of finding only the best manufacturers of Vitamins, Amino Acids, Prebiotics, Probiotics, Extracts, Herbs and additives in the world. We insist on only providing the best to ensure that your ingredients have the highest quality and they meet the highest standards.

Importation & Exportation

Our logistics experts are in charge of importing your products safely and securely  from anywhere in the world. Whether they are botanicals from Brazil, until you import your new formula into the United States. We are there to guide you and attend to your necesities. 


Our products are stored in our 600 square meters warehouse. Being an FDA registered warehouse, we have the strictest regulations for storing products. Our team makes sure that your products are always secure and ready to distribute promptly. 

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